Why Do'gain Gear?

We make it easier to get your branded swag into the hands of your staff, players, clients, members, donors, and fans. 

Who do we serve?

Any non-profit or youth organization that needs custom gear, an online store or both.

Why have a store?

Centralize your merch, control costs, reward performers, automate ordering, ship direct, and more. 

How much to setup?

Nothing...we probably should but we don't.  

When can the store be ready?

As soon as a few days depending on the quantity and type of products and designs. 

What you do?

Provide your art, choose your products, approve your store.  We handle the rest.

Need ideas? 

BROWSE ALL GEAR to see what others have done.

Want variety? 

We have thousands of products to choose from. 

Don't see something you need? 


Need to raise money?

Non-profits get 10% of direct store orders.

Want to raise even more?

Non-profits get 10% of referred group store orders, as well.

Want pricing on a swag project?


Ready to get a FREE store? 

SIGN UP to start the process or learn more.