Copy of Why Do'gain Gear?

We help groups expand their brand, craft complete collections or complementary products specific to their needs, assist group leaders to more effectively market those products and raise money within and well beyond the core audience. 

Don't have branded gear for your group?

Do’gain Gear makes it easy to get branded products for your group.  With your logo in hand, we can have well over 50 different products with your design ready for your group within a few days.  And at no cost.  Want to learn more?  Complete our Setup a Call form and we’ll contact you to discuss your needs.

Want to replace, complement or consolidate your current branded gear?

Groups sign with Do’gain Gear because they want:

  • A wider selection of products for their audience
  • Products with their own logo designs
  • More control over their selection of branded products
  • A unique website address for their products
  • Easy access and ordering for their audience
  • Free shipping
  • No cost setup and service
  • No inventory (though we can order in bulk for your event or shop)
  • Help marketing to their audience
  • Raise money for their program
  • Raise more money with referrals, perpetually
  • Receive funds frequently
  • A personalized approach

Complete our Setup a Call form and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can help.

How much do we charge?

Nothing…We don’t charge your group anything at any time.

How much does your group make?

10% of all branded products your audience buys plus 10% of all proceeds of the other groups you or your audience refers on your group’s behalf.  Complete our Setup a Call form to discuss how our fundraising approach will significantly impact your group.

Want to see sample gear? 

Click Browse All Gear to see what other groups already have setup.  All prices include FREE shipping!

Don’t see the products you want? 

Just let us know what you need.  We are eager to expand our apparel and other gear options to all our groups. 

Ready for to the next step? 

Complete our Setup a Call form to speak with one of our representatives or go to our Sign Up page to start the process.